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What’s in the stars for 2016

Minds on the future

There are many ways an astrologer assesses the upcoming zeitgeist. As it is impossible to cast one ­simple chart for the whole world’s year ahead, I prefer to consult the ephemeris. This is an astrological calendar that generates exact positions of planets and other stellar bodies. There is a lot going on at any moment, but the key is to score the signal among the noise by identifying the stand-out themes. The planetary cycles do not “cause” events to occur; they reflect the quality of a time. So the idea is not so much to predict exact outcomes, but to be aware of the trending sensibility.

The astrology of 2016 develops an established mega-trend. In 2008 change-god Pluto entered Capricorn, historically considered to be so distinguished that at least one Roman emperor falsified his birth records to reflect that he was born under this zodiac sign. Capricorn has associations with big business and the global economic structure. Pluto represents power and transformation. Since Pluto entered Capricorn, the whole economy has been undergoing a major metamorphosis.

As Pluto, the ultimate muckraker, remains in Capricorn until 2024, think “financial knock-down and rebuild” over the more short-term-sounding “crisis”. When a Pluto transit occurs to an individual, they are advised to create a more stable life founded on authenticity. If applied collectively, this astrological passage is clearly incompatible with long-term quantitative easing, “extend and pretend” policies or central-bank machinations.

In 2016 the intense Plutonic evolution of the economy and business values is amplified by Jupiter in Virgo. Media, education and health breakthroughs are astrologically lucrative. If retirement is increasingly seen as a luxury, many will turn off traditional investments in favour of a spending on health to keep working for longer.

But there is another player. Saturn, the “ruler” of Capricorn and a planet with many of the same patrician themes, is in adverse aspect to Neptune from November 2015 until October 2016. A high-functioning Saturn symbolises sound corporate governance, trustworthy leaders, an equal society that is enshrined in legislation and healthy compliance. Shamanic and glam, the astrological Neptune has many desirable attributes, but it can signify delusion, dangerous debt and deception.

In 2016, Neptune is a bubble and Saturn the prick.

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